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Mezcal Los Javis

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Fresh leaves on the nose. Very hot.

Intrepid Spirits are the exclusive distribution partner for Mezcal Los Javis in Europe. Los Javis is hand-crafted and bottled in the state of Oaxaca in the “Capital of Mezcal”, in Santiago Matatlán.

The Los Javis story began over three decades ago when Don Javier Mateo I and his wife Doña Gloria built the family’s first distillery (more commonly known as a palenque), with hopes of creating a spirit that embodied the essence of their Oaxacan tradition. Los Javis Mezcal is now the only family-owned and operated mezcal company which exports to the US, Europe and Asia.

Los Javis prides itself on being an environmentally friendly & ecologically sustainable company. They reuse the discarded milled fibers from the fermentation process to create all the paper components used to make each label.