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Celebrate the
diversity of Rum

the terroirs of rum in fascinating expressions.

Intrepid Spirits are proud to be the exclusive distribution partner for Plantation Rum in Ireland. The first trace of rum distillation dates back to 1651 in Barbados. More than four centuries later Plantation Rum strives to perfectly maintain the long-held traditions of the process. Plantation expresses the flavours of the terroirs of rum in fascinating expressions whose double-ageing technique anchored in history has become a trademark.

Known for their love of the different terroirs, as well as a fascination with the heritage and specificities of rum-making methods in each producing country, Plantation Rum’s Master Blender has forged solid friendships with the world’s greatest distillers and cellar masters.

From these strong relationships are born a collection of exceptional rums – signature blends, bar classics, Single Cask Haute Couture rums, ultra-limited releases and rare vintages. Plantation Rum is also a rum producer, it owns the West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados as well as 1/3 of NRJ, which owns the renowned Long Pond and Clarendon distilleries in Jamaica.