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Never pretentious, and always first in class.

Intrepid Spirits are excited to add Pusser’s Rum to the portfolio within the Irish market.

The early blend of Navy Rum was more art than science. The raw rum derived from the contributing stills was stocked in barrels between 160 and 180 proof, too strong to be palatable so dilution after blending was required. The ship’s crew relied on its purser to blend, test, and issue the finished rum at proof. The purser, often referred to as “pusser”, would mix the raw rum with water and add a few black gunpowder grains. If the mixture failed to ignite in the sunlight, the purser would be mocked for watering the rum.

The Painkiller®, a signature cocktail by Pusser’s Rum, is one of four cocktails in the world protected by trademark. Paired with pineapple juice, coconut cream and orange juice, Pusser’s Rum compliments the sweet flavours in the tiki style cocktail.

With a long and surprisingly smooth finish despite its high alcohol content, Pusser’s Rum has a full, round body and a rich aroma of molasses, toffee and honey, with mild notes of vanilla. The rich flavour of Pusser’s Rum is all natural as no artificial flavourings and colourings are added.